Arguably the fastest growing outdoor recreational activity in North America, mountain biking is having a hugely positive impact on our local recreational trail infrastructure. The South Okanagan Trail Alliance applies rigorous trail-building and maintenance standards to trails that have been in existence for decades as well as constructing new, sanctioned trails on Crown, private and parklands. Trail-builders / maintainers have a long road ahead of them in decommissioning existing - improperly constructed trails and legally constructing additional trails. There are however, always more trails in need of maintenance than there are individuals to maintain them; and that's where fellow riders are asked to step up and show some Trail Love!

Over the past few years, we've been working closely with land management agencies from all levels of government as well as private land managers in order to demonstrate a commitment to properly engineered recreational trail networks. The South Okanagan hosts numerous trail-groups, but some of its main singletrack proponents consist of the South Okanagan Trail Alliance, FOSS and the Mountain Bikers of the Central Okanagan (MTBco.) in Kelowna / West-Kelowna. Oliver's club is currently in hiatus and Summerland / Peachland are yet to form a club. Along with help from the local chainsaw gremlins. Join us or any of the other clubs mentioned here. Made a difference in your community!




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