The South Okanagan Trail Alliance (SOTA) is a not-for-profit advocacy, trail-building / trail-maintenance and trail-lovin' user-group!

SOTA was formed in 2013 out of a need for the South Okanagan's front and back country non-motorized trail user groups to cooperatively advocate for, maintain, build and enjoy single and dual-track trail networks. The founder of SOTA is Andrew Drouin; this is Andrew's third major group-building project; after co-founding the Whistler Mt. Ski Corp. Social Club ("Club Shred") in the 1990's and the Penticton & Area Cycling Association in 2008.

Andrew, along with several members of the local community heralding from numerous sporting interests comprise the initial executive committee. We welcome everyone to talk to us if you're interested in joining the executive committee or simply wish to join as an Alliance member.

Membership in SOTA costs $30.00. Of these membership dues $13.50.00 goes to SOTA and $16.50 goes to the Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC to support their work and to purchase liability insurance through their organization. Executive members pay $1.50 additional for 'special coverage'.

SOTA's creation is an amazing opportunity for us to share knowledge and manpower in order to strengthen our positions with Crown land managers, BC Parks staff, NGO's and private land owners.

SOTA is an excellent vector for us to meet, spend our recreational time in the beautiful outdoors and understand that we all have the same basic aspirations and desires to protect our trails and the amazing areas that they allow us to visit. The founders of SOTA have forged positive relationships with local land management agencies and look forward to working with you in creating the most effective and cooperative recreational trail umbrella organization in British Columbia. Join us!


About Memberships;

The membership year begins / ends on January 1st of each year and the fee is not prorated

We are a non-profit club run by volunteers

We support the Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC which provides us insurance and acts as an advocate for outdoor clubs in BC

If you enjoy adventuring upon Okanagan singletrack trails, consider 'Paying it Forward' by leading a hike / bike / ride / road-trip / trail-day or simply offering your skills to effect positive outdoor recreation change in our community


Can I try an adventure before joining?

Yes! We welcome you for an outing as our guest


To Join SOTA:

1) Download and print the Membership Application Form from this link

2) Complete the form and sign it

3) Mail the completed form and a cheque payable to the South Okanagan Trail Alliance for your membership fee to 601 Braid St., Penticton BC V2A4Y6

4) When your application is processed, you will receive a "welcome" email and membership card.



If you would like to know about how the club operates, you can find the ByLaws here

Mission Statement The raison’ d existence for the South Okanagan Trail Alliance is to constructively bring together the voices of non-motorized front and backcountry trail user-groups; including hikers, mountain cyclists, trail-runners, naturalists and equestrians. We are dedicated advocates of land access, trail maintenance, signage and preservation. Our goals include the implementation of a valley-wide network of signed, sanctioned and maintained trails which the aforementioned groups collaboratively nurture and expand. The end-result of this work will see a many more citizens actively partaking in outdoor recreation, reaping the benefits of health and mental wellness inherit in spending time in nature with loved ones.


Questions? Contact the Membership Secretary