One of the tenets of the Trail Alliance is to advocate for the maintenance and creation of multi-sport, sanctioned and signed singletrack trail networks in the South Okanagan. While we by no means lack trails and trail networks - what we are missing in the equation are significant numbers of trails that have been correctly built in the first place. Correctly read; with permission from land-owners/managers, adhering to accepted recreational singletrack trail-building techniques.

The catch with this is that we would not possess this wealth of South Okanagan trails if we hadn't been out there building and clearing 'rogue' trails in the first place. The sea-change in attitude around trail-building is spreading throughout the trail-sport community at every level. Those of us who love to build have realized that the best thing that we can do is to work with land owners, land-managers and land management agencies - and to construct trails correctly the first time, sparing us excessive maintenance in the future.

This new approach has been reinforced by how well our efforts have been received by land management agencies. We've impressed Crown, private and BC Parks management groups with our commitment to trail building as per IMBA, BC Parks and US Parks Service technical standards. They in return have entrusted us with many km of old and new trails throughout the valley. The Section 57 gained on the Three Blind Mice, a land use agreement for the Carmi Recreation trail Network, signage and maintenance of the Skaha trails and pending agreements on the Mt.Keogan trail network reflect their commitment to working with responsible trail-building and maintenance groups such as SOTA and PACA.

Join us and be part of an amazing movement in front and back-country singletrack trails in the South Okanagan today!