Forest Cleanup Westbank!

The Trail Alliance is keen on forest cleanups, and there exists a group north of us - Okanagan Forest Taskforce who share our love of same.

Their next cleanup runs Sunday, Dec. 17th at 9am, in Westbank - contact them via this link.

I’ll be heading up to lend a hand, if you'd like to join me, please call 250-486-2443 or email me.

Okanagan Trails Galore!

Let be your trail-guide!

Check out the amazing July SOTA Newsletter!

2017 SOTA "to do" list

The South Okanagan Trail Alliance completed numerous trail projects in 2016 and we've a load more in store for 2017! Click here for a membership form and Join us to make a difference in the amazing trail infrastructure that lay within the South Okanagan!



The South Okanagan hosts an active and growing equestrian group. Horses have been creating sweet singletrack for a 200+ years in the valley! Read up on how we're working with riders and our inclusive attitudes toward equestrians and their amazing trail culture in the South Okanagan.

Koko & Andrew 

Hiking & Trail-Running

Pretty much the foundation of trail development for many decades, the Okanagan Valley's large contingent of hikers have quietly flagged and maintained trails 'under the radar' for over a half century in the South Okanagan.  We embrace their efforts and invite hikers and runners to join SOTA.

Barry On G-Spot 

Mountain Biking

Local cyclists have built and maintained valley trails for many years, but it wasn't until 2009, with the formation of the Penticton & Area Cycling Association that legitimate / sanctioned trails began to come into their own.  The South Okanagan Trail Alliance is an off-road evolution of the bike club.


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